Genesis gymnastics academy


Coach Kyla-- I was a gymnast and a Bentonville High School cheerleader.  I have coached gymnastics and tumbling for several years.  You may find me subbing for any one of the classes from preschool to team.

Girls team coaches

​Coach Phoenix--  Hey! I am a Sophomore & homeschool with my twin sister.  I competed up to Level 4 with GGA.  Now I am a volleyball player, but I still love gymnastics.  I am an assistant coach and I also coach preschool gymnastics.

Coach Alex-- Hello!  I am a mom to 2 little gymnasts that attend GGA.  I was a gymnast and a cheerleader. I am super excited to be helping children achieve their interests and dreams with gymnastics!

Coach Eddy--  Hi!  I am a Senior at BHS & 

a varsity cheerleader.  I am so excited to be coaching tumbling, cheer technique, and some recreational gymnastic classes.

Coach Christina-- I was a Level 8 competitive gymnast when I decided to coach.  I am a Junior at the U of A this year.  I have been coaching recreational gymnastics and tumbling classes.  I enjoy working with the children and still practicing my gymnastic skills every chance I get!

Our coaches

Recreational coaches

Coach Sara Grace-- Hi!  I am a graduate student at the U of A and have coached at Genesis for several years.  I was a competitive gymnast and then cheered at Bentonville High School.  I coach the recreational gymnastics, tumbling, & preteam.  I love working with children & watching their excitement with each new skill.

Also coached by Coaches Stacy, Jacob, & â€‹Elisabeth

Substitute coaches

Coach Brittany-- Hello!  I was a competitive gymnast for 11 years, state champion on balance beam for 3, and a coach in Alabama for 1 year.  Gymnastics has been my life since I was 3 years old and I have always dreamed of being a team coach.  I am so grateful for this experience and ready to begin this new adventure as one of the coaches for the competitive team.

Owner/ Coach Stacy-- Hello!  I have been a registered CT & x-ray technologist in the medical for about 20 years.  I participated in athletics from elementary school through high school.  I became interested in gymnastics when my older daughter was 3.  The love for the sport has grown!  I have been coaching since 2005 from preschool age through competitive girls level 7.  I managed Genesis for several years and my husband, John, & I took over as owners August 2015.  Every day is a new day to learn drills, skills, and business management.  I am a very busy wife, mom, medical professional, coach, and owner.  I understand the crazy balance of life.  I love working with children and especially love watching my amazing 2 girls do competitive gymnastics & coach!

Coach Maddie--  Hi!  I am a Freshman at the U of A and was a Varsity cheerleader for BHS. I was the preschool gymnastics coach for the past year. I love working with children!

Coach Jacob--  Hello!  I'm a student at NWACC this year.  I did gymnastics for 9 1/2 years and I competed for 9 years training to Level 10.  I was then a cheerleader for 2 years at Heritage High School.  I am coaching the boys & girls gymnastics, Advance & Adult tumbling classes, and girls team.  I am excited to be working with all of my students!

Coach Elisabeth-- Hello!  I have been in gymnastics since I was 3. (I was my mom's inspiration to go into gymnastics.)  This year I am a Sophomore at Bentonville High School.  I competed as a Level 6 gymnast & I love the sport so much!  I especially love working with the younger children!  I coach recreational, preteam, & the girls team.  I also assist the other coaches when they need an extra set of hands, but the rest of the time you can watch me in practice!

Mrs. Jessica-- Hi!  I am a wife, mom of 3, & the new office manager for GGA!  Stacy talked me into to bringing my girls to a Parent's Night Out about 1 yr ago.  My oldest daughter, Elysia, jumped up on the high beam that night & started doing cartwheels with NO prior experience! Less then a year later, Elysia has made it to team!  I am also part of the GGA Booster Club for our competitive team.  We have some great fundraisers planned, so make sure you read all of our posters!